Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Playing the Cards You're Dealt by Varian Johnson

 Anthony Joplin is a card playing fool, but it runs in his family.  His grandfather was a spades champion; his dad is a spades champion, and his brother is a spades champion.  To be a Joplin man, you have to be a great spades player.  In spades, you have to have a good partner to win, but they play in class one day and get beaten by a GIRL.  His confidence is really shaken, and he is not sure what to do.  Then, his partner is grounded and cannot be his partner any longer.  What will he do?

Then, he wonders...this girl that beat him is a good spades player.  What would happen if they team up together?  Would he be a real Joplin man if he has a girl for a partner?  Will he be able to handle the pressures of what is going on at home and still bring home the championship?

Find out in Playing the Cards You're Dealt by Varian Johnson.

I enjoyed reading this book.  Anthony, Ant for short, is a great character, and I found myself really rooting for him to figure things out.  I wasn't the only one rooting for Ant, but I won't say more on that.  No spoilers here.  Ant is only ten years old in the book, but he thinks much older.  He is tired of people treating him like a little kid--even though by age, he is a little kid.  I highly recommend this book.  Hope you will enjoy reading it.

Here is a video with Varian Johnson telling about this book.

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