Tuesday, June 14, 2016

We are all made of molecules by Susin Nielsen

From the Publisher:

Thirteen-year-old Stewart is academically brilliant but socially clueless. 
Fourteen-year-old Ashley is the undisputed “It” girl in her class, but her grades stink.

Their worlds are about to collide when Stewart and his dad move in with Ashley and her mom. Stewart is trying to be 89.9 percent happy about it, but Ashley is 110 percent horrified. She already has to hide the real reason her dad moved out; “Spewart” could further threaten her position at the top of the social ladder.

They are complete opposites. And yet, they have one thing in common: they—like everyone else—are made of molecules. 

This book really spoke to me in a special way especially considering the terror attack in Florida over the weekend.  Stewart and Ashley learn about friendship, each other and themselves in this novel.  I loved learning about Stewart, and Nielsen did a super job of developing his character.  Ashley was VERY interested in being popular and was completely full of herself.  That being said--what she learned is a lesson that I want every teenage girl to get.  Not all of them will get it, but I definitely hope they read this book.  

Thank you to this author for writing this book that I think will speak to a multitude of readers because it deals with so many varied topics.  Give this one a try.