Tuesday, January 28, 2020

#YAMSReads 4

2020 is a new year, and our reading is going to be awesome this year.  We have some great choices. Our theme for this six weeks is books that have been made into movies.  Participants even get the opportunity to choose a title that fits into the theme if they have one other than the 5 choices given to them. 

#YAMSReads 3

Our third installment had many people reading, but our discussion was mostly in person vs. online.  We ended the year with a less than stellar showing, but ...here are the great books that we read.

#YAMSReads #2

We had a great discussion in the second installment of #YAMSReads.  Here are the books we chose.  If you are ever curious, you can go over to twitter and read the discussion.