Thursday, November 29, 2018

Miles Morales Spider-Man by Jason Reynolds

Miles Morales is an average teenage boy.  He has a best friend who plays video games with him.  He has a crush on a girl.  He goes to a great school.  Oh, and did I mention...he is Spider-Man.  What, I should have led with that?  Okay, Miles Morales has a quick spidey-sense that he uses to help those around him, but lately something is off.  He does not get the same vibe he used to get.  He is beginning to wonder if a kid like him just can't be a super hero.

Want to know about Miles Morales's story--check this book out!

I really liked the action of this story, and even though the story is completely different--I can't wait to see the movie that is coming out this Christmas with Miles Morales.
Here is the trailer for the movie.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Short by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Julia's mom decides that her children need something to do over the summer, so she signs them up for the community play.  Julia's brother, Randy, is quite talented, but Julia does not think she has any special talents at all.  What she does not realize until she gets there is that the play is a musical--The Wizard of Oz, and she is cast as the lead munchkin.  Julia is older than all of the other children who have been cast as munchkins, but she befriends a woman who teaches her that it doesn't matter how you look on the outside.  The inside is what matters.

This is a lesson for everyone.  I recommend this book as a quick read.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Four Four Two by Dean Hughes

Yuki is an American.  He was born in America, and that is all that he has known.  But, during World War 2, some people did not treat him as an American citizen even though he was.  He was not seen as anything but a threat. To defend his family's honor, he decides to enlist and fight for this country that he loves but has scorned him.

Yuki and his friends are put into the Four Four Two--a segregated Japanese American unit--where they were put in the heat of battles.  Will he return home to America?  If he does, what kind of America will greet him?

This book was an amazing read as Hughes really got to the heart of the matter with what happened to Japanese Americans after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  I highly recommend this one.  Really step into someone else's shoes and see how they lived in Four Four Two by Dean Hughes.