Monday, September 17, 2018

Mayday by Karen Harrington


Wayne was your average 7th grade before many things happened.  His uncle died, and he and his mother have to travel to attend the funeral.  At his uncle's funeral, Wayne receives the US flag that he is bringing home to his grandfather.  But, tragedy strikes in the air.  They are in a plane crash, and the flag is literally sucked out of the plane with the debris.  Wayne also loses his ability to speak.  Middle school is hard enough to navigate when you are able to communicate. After time, the doctors say that Wayne should be able to speak, but he needs to find the will to speak.  What will it take for him to find his voice?  How will he be able to find the flag that he is so desperate to bring home if he cannot talk? 

This book touched a chord with me because I love to talk, and I wondered how I would feel if I could not talk.  What would bring me out of my pain enough to talk?

I loved the book even though it did not end in the way I thought it would.  I recommend this one, but be prepared to feel something.  If you have lost a loved one, this book will speak to you.