Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Girl in the Well is Me by Karen Rogers

Kammie moved to Texas, and she does not have a circle of friends.  She has decided that she wants to be friends with three girls at school, and they inform her of an initiation.  Kammie is desperate for friends, so she agrees.  The result of the initiation is a very bad haircut and her being stuck in a well. When Kammie first falls in, Kandy, Sandy and Mandy all stare at her with contempt instead of being concerned about her being stuck in the well.  Kammie quickly realizes that the girls are not people that she wants to be friends with, but that does not change the fact that she is stuck in the well.  The girls have abandoned her, and she is not sure if anyone will be able to get her out.  She just keeps slipping further down the well...
Rogers does a good job in this book of telling Kammie's story while she is stuck in the well.  We learn quickly that Kammie has had some hard knocks, and I don't mean the ones she is getting from the well.  She has had to learn quickly that people make mistakes--sometimes really big ones.  I recommend this book, and it is a fast read.