Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SR--Ripper by Stefan Petrucha

Jack the Ripper killed women in London in the 1800's.  Years later in New York City--women are being killed in the same fashion.  Jack the Ripper was never found, but he was assumed to be dead.  He had kept quiet for so many years.  And, New York City was so far from London.  Still...

That is the scenario that is facing the police in New York City and Carver Young, a young orphan boy.  Carver dreams of becoming a detective, but he does not know how to go about it.  Carver is in an orphanage, and he has little hope of being adopted.  Until one day, Detective Hawking from the Pinkerton Detective Agency decides to take him under his wing.  Carver begins working with Detective Hawking to figure out the case.  Carver meets the police chief, Teddy Roosevelt, and they develop a working relationship as well.  Hawking knows a lot about the criminal mind, and he encourages Carver to figure out who his father is and where he might be.  This all weaves together to be quite a page turning mystery novel.  Don't miss out on the action--see if you can figure out who Jack the Ripper truly is.

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