Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SR--Counting Backwards by Laura Lascarso

Taylor Truwell is sent to Sunny Meadows after she is found driving a stolen car.  She does not want to be there and works hard to find a way to escape.  However, she meets some friends that help her to face the truth of why she was there in the first place.
I have to be honest about this one.  When I read the back, I thought this was going to be a thriller.  It was not that at all.  It is about a girl who has teenage angst.  Once I got over my initial disappointment, then I was able to read it for what it was.  It ended up being a good book, but "Sunny Meadows" for a psychiatric facility??  Anyway, if you are looking for a book that has a teenage girl who feels misunderstood and makes really poor decisions then sees the error of her ways--this is a good one for you.  (Oh, I forgot to mention--there is a romance as well...)

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