Wednesday, November 13, 2013

SR--The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

The kingdom is full of discontent and on the brink of civil war.  If only, the king's long-lost son had not died in the accident so many years ago.  If only there was a person who could come in and unite the kingdom.  What if there was?  What if he did not die after all?  That is the lie that Conner, a nobleman of the court, hopes to spin when he finds someone who will act as the prince.  Conner finds 4 young men that look like the prince, but he must choose wisely.  He must choose the one that can carry off the look and actions of the prince.  As the 4 boys are with each other every day, they soon become aware of the fact that once Conner makes his decision--only 1 will get to be the prince.  No witnesses can be left of this high act of treason.

I listened to this book on a road trip with a couple of teenage boys.  We all loved it, and if we had to make a pit stop--we had to agree not to turn on the book until everyone was in the car.  It was action packed, and I loved it.  Don't miss this first book--then of course you will want the second one, The Runaway King.

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