Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Cook Camp by Gary Paulsen

It is war time--WW2 to be exact.  Paulsen's father has been sent off to war.  Paulsen's mother is restless and a certain man starts hanging around a lot more.  Paulsen's mother decides that she needs some time, so she sends him to his grandmother.  So, he goes by himself on a train to see his grandmother who is a cook at a camp where men are building a road as part of the war effort.  Paulsen gets the opportunity to spend time with his grandmother, and he is very grateful.  But, he misses his mother.  
This story is heartfelt and beautiful even through his pain.  I loved this book because it was this great story about a boy and his grandmother, but I learned so much about the war effort in the U.S. This is the first in a trilogy, and I had to read all three.  The other two posts are forthcoming.

Book 10 in summer reading challenge.

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