Saturday, July 12, 2014

Num8ers by Rachel Ward

Jem has a special gift--though it is not something she would wish for anyone else.  When she looks at a person, she sees the date of his/her death on the forehead.  She first realized it when she saw her mother's date on her forehead.  Jem did not realize what it was until the day that her mother died.  The odd thing is--this happened when Jem was very young.  She then goes to different foster homes and does not want to get close to anyone because she knows exactly when she will lose them.
One day--her defenses were down, and when a boy befriends her, she decides that she will spend time with him.  She goes to his house and immediately his mother knows that she has a gift.  The problem is--Jem has seen his number and it is in a couple of weeks.  Jem thinks that maybe she can help to change the number, so they start spending a lot of time together.  They decide to go to the London Eye, and Jem notices that several people have the same number on their foreheads.  And, it is that day.  Something is going down, but she does not know exactly when; she only knows that they need to get out of there.  So, they run.  Not the best idea when it goes down later.  Everyone is looking for them.  The police want to know if they are part of the terrorist plot.  What did Jem get herself into?

This was a fast-paced story that kept me wondering what was going to happen.  I have to tell you though--it is definitely for a mature reader.  I don't want to take too much away from the story, but there are some situations that I just want to let you know are in the book.  Just so you are prepared as a reader.  One last warning about this the last part of the book, it completely left you hanging.  It will make you totally want to read the next book in the series.  Of course, I won't tell you what that cliff hanger was--just know there was a good one.

Definitely a good read.  Book 11

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