Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Searching for Silverheels by Jennie Mobley

Pearl is a precocious teenager who works in her mother's cafe.  She also makes a few extra bucks by giving tours and entertaining tourists with her stories about the legendary Silverheels.  However, a local suffragette, Josie challenges her story which leads Pearl on a journey to find the truth about what happened during the 1861 smallpox epidemic in Colorado.  Pearl is convinced that Silverheels was a heroine, but Josie tries to convince her that Silverheels was a con artist who was so good that she was still conning people years later. Fantastic read as you hope that Pearl will find the truth--but will she like the truth she finds?  There is the issue.

The book is set during World War 1, and there is much talk of not trusting the Germans because of what is going on in Germany.  Interesting story of a girl who sets off to discover the truth about a legendary figure and she must face the truth about herself.

Highly recommend this book.  It will be on sale in September, and we will have it in the library as soon as I can purchase a copy.

Book 8 in Summer Reading Challenge.

cover_image  Don't judge a book by its cover.  It may not look that interesting, but it is great.

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