Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Graduation Day by Joelle Charbonneau

So...Cia is in the middle of her independent study when she uncovers a plot.  It is different from what she thought.  Something happens to her mentor and friend in the president's office, and she is a witness to it.  What she sees changes everything.  The rebellion and its leader are not what she thought.  In fact, nothing is as it seems.  Her father's warning about not trusting anyone is still sounding in her head, but she has to put a team together to accomplish the task set forth by the president.  Cia works out who she wants on the team and devises a series of tests to see if they can be trusted.  The problem is she is unsure about what the right answer is for her and the country.  What she believed is not as clear as she originally thought.  This is a fast-paced end to the series that should not be missed.

Okay, this is a definite issue.  Book 2--not my favorite, but this one is quite good.  There arge twists throughout the entire book all of the way to the end.  I have to say--it was worth reading book 2, Independent Study, to get to this book--book 3 of this series.

I loved this book.  Don't miss out.  Read the whole series--The Testing, Independent Study, and Graduation Day.  BTW--The Testing takes on a double meaning--no, I am not going to reveal that here.

Book 6 in SRC14.

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