Monday, August 5, 2013

SR--Break My Heart 1,000 Times by Daniel Waters

So...based on the title, it sounds like it is a sappy romance story.  But it is far from that.  This book opens up with Veronica seeing a new ghost in her bathroom one morning while she is in the shower.  She goes down to breakfast to tell her mother and father.  Her mother is not too concerned, and her father does not respond.  That does not sound too odd until you consider that her father is a ghost.  You see--in this small town, ghosts appear all over the place just like clockwork--literally.  You can set your watch by the time that the ghosts appear every day.  Meanwhile, down the street, there is a specific ghost appearing every morning to Mr. Bittner, a high school history teacher.  The ghost that appears on his step every morning was violently murdered almost 4 years prior.   Veronica notices that Mr. Bittner is paying a lot of attention to her lately--and when he finds out her birthday--he REALLY starts watching her with special attention.  Could Bittner have had something to do with Mary's death 4 years before, and is he interested in Veronica now?  Only the ghosts have the real proof, but will Veronica and her friend, Kirk, be able to figure out the clues in time...
This was a creepy, page-turner.  It did take me a few pages to get into this book while the author set up the premise, but once I got past that...I could not put it down.

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