Thursday, August 1, 2013

SR--Almost Home by Joan Bauer

Sugar is a precocious sixth grade girl who definitely speaks her mind. One day she finds a sweet pup named Shush, and the two of them have a special bond.  The problem is--Sugar is strong headed, but her mother is less so.  After Sugar's dad takes all of their money, her granddad dies, and her mom loses her job, they suddenly find themselves without a home. 
Sugar's mom decides to go to Chicago to find a job, but when they get there--the job is gone.  Sugar is put into foster care while her mother tries to pull herself together.
Now, this sounds like it would be a depressing story, but Sugar is such a fantastic heroine.  I mean--she has this great life spirit that keeps her going through some very difficult situations.  I have been reading Bauer's books for a decade now, and I have met her a couple of times.  This is by far my favorite of hers--and there are 2 others that I truly love.  I can't say enough about how precious this story was to read.  I am not much of a dog lover, but I fell in love with Shush.  Bauer captured the healing effects of what a pet can do for people. 
This was a great read!

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