Monday, March 28, 2016

Last Shot by John Feinstein

Stevie Thomas and Susan Carol entered a writing contest and have won spots to cover the Final Four tournament.  Both are very excited to be so close to famous college players and coaches.   As they wait to interview the hot shot player of the tournament, they stumble upon a conversation between this player and an unknown adult.  This adult is telling him that he must "throw" the final game so that Duke can win instead of his school.  By stumbling on this story, Stevie and Susan know that they have to get to the bottom of what is going on at the tournament.  Will they find out the truth?  Will they find out the truth in time to help out the star player?  Or, will the Final Four tournament be in ruins?  Find out in this quick reading mystery.

I was inspired to read this during March Madness this year.  If you are a college basketball fan, you will see many familiar names and places within the pages of this novel.  If you are not a college basketball fan, well...why not?  Seriously, you will find a story here that will interest you.

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