Thursday, March 17, 2016

Like a River by Kathy Cannon Wiechman

Leander Jordan is the younger brother, and he is always being compared to his older, smarter, harder-working brother, Nate.  He is tired of hearing how he needs to be more mature.  When Nate gets hurt, he is told that he now needs to do the work of two, but Leander wants to do something besides stay on the farm where he is constantly compared.  Nate's best friend Giv comes by to tell everyone goodbye before he goes off to war which gives Leander an idea.  Even though Leander is not old enough, he decides that this is his opportunity to prove himself.  So...he convinces Giv to let him go along.  Leander gets into the Union army, but he soon realizes that war is not glamourous.  Leander gets wounded on the battlefield and is sent to a hospital where he meets Paul Settles. Paul is there to take care of his dad and cares for the rest of the patients as well.  Paul and Leander both have secrets that could cause major problems for each of them.  Will their secrets be revealed?

Wiechman did a super job of weaving these two stories together.  Since we had just set up a Civil War hospital up in the library a couple of weeks ago, this book was extremely interesting to me.  I appreciated how she explained the hospital setting.  Good historical read!

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