Monday, July 8, 2013

SR--Prodigy by Marie Lu

June and Day have escaped execution and are on a train to join the Patriots where they will be able to be free and work against the Republic.  But, these two are too famous; the Patriots have other plans.  There are strings attached if they are to get the protection of this group of rebels.  June and Day must assassinate the new Elector.  Both agree to this demand, but after meeting with the new Elector, Andan, June is not sure he is the problem.  Or, is she just attracted to him?  Or, is he just that good at manipulating her?  Will June choose Day or Andan?  Is Andan really a choice for her?  Read this second installment in this trilogy to see how June and Day figure out the right side to support in this revolution.

Generally, I read the first book in a series/trilogy, etc., and I am done.  However, Marie Lu has written a wonderful story that I wanted to continue after Legend (see previous post). And, after reading Prodigy, I am ready for the third book.  Doggone it!  Champion is not available until November 2013.  Oh, well, I will just have to read other books in the mean time.

Back to Prodigy, so...June and Day are still attracted to each other, but they have to figure out whether or not they are attracted to other people as well.  Day has to trust June who has been entitled all of her life.  June has to figure out what is most important to her.  June's memories of her brother still haunt her, and she is not sure what he would want her to do.  Ultimately, this great story not only shows the development of a revolution but of these great characters.  Told in alternating chapters--you really get the opportunity to see what each of them is thinking.  Great Read!!!!

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