Monday, July 8, 2013

SR--Outlaw by Stephen Davies

Jake is always looking for adventure no matter what the cost.  When he is suspended from the British boarding school he is attending for sneaking out and playing a game called Geothimble where he scales buildings,etc.  Jake has the latest technology and is pretty happy about his privilege as the son of an English Ambassador.  When he is suspended, he is more than happy to join his parents and sister in Africa.  While attending a ritzy party with his family, he and his sister are kidnapped presumably by the country's worst outlaw.  Jake and his sister, Kas, are doing what their father told them by not resisting until the kidnappers receive orders to kill them.  What will they do now?  Who are the good guys?  Are there any good guys in this story?

Davies lives in this country, and he has written a fast-moving page-turning adventure with underlying ideals to ponder.  This is most definitely a good read.  Now, I want to read his other book, Hacking Timbuktu.

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