Monday, June 11, 2018

All American Boys by Jason Reynolds & Brendan Kiely

Rashad is getting ready for a party because he is ready to cut loose with his friends and leave his responsibilities behind.  Before he goes, he wants to stop at the local store and get some snacks.  He picks up his snacks and remembers that his money is in his bag.  He bends over to get the money, and a woman who was also there to pick up something on the way home trips over him.  Before they can untangle the mess, a police officer steps in to break up what he assumes is a theft and assault on the woman.  Rashad is caught, and the police officer takes him to the floor.  Then, he takes him outside and yells that he is resisting arrest and begins to beat him.  The beating is bad, really bad, very bad. 
On the street, Quinn sees the beating, and he cannot believe his own eyes.  The police officer is the brother of one of his best friends and has been a big brother figure for him after his father died.  He does not know what to do.  He decides that he has to run and get away from what he has just witnessed.
Rashad goes to the hospital, and Paul, the police officer, is put on administrative leave while the situation was investigated.  Quinn does not want to believe that Paul was wrong, but he cannot ignore what he saw even though he is being pressured to do just that.
This story is told through the lens of these 2 boys as they tell about their experience from one Friday to the next Friday.  One week in the lives of 2 boys tells a story that must be told because we need to understand how it affects us all.

I highly recommend reading this story.  I hope that you will read the book, and understand more. 

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