Monday, May 14, 2018

Knockout by K A Holt

Levi wants to be treated like a regular kid.  Yes, he was very sick as an infant.  But, he is fine now.  Really, he is.  Mostly, he is.  At least, he hopes he is.  His mom and brother are overprotective is all.  His dad understands.  He wants to participate in a sport.  At least, his dad wants him to participate in a sport.  Levi decides that he will try boxing to satisfy his dad and see if he really is okay.  The thing that is COMPLETELY unexpected is that he is really good at boxing.  What will happen if his mom and brother find out?  Will he be well enough to find out how good he really is at this sport?  You can find out in Knockout by Holt.

Now, the thing that I did not mention is that this is the sequel to House Arrest.  Levi was the sick infant whose brother risked everything to save and whose dad ran out when he could not handle the pressure.  Levi doesn't know what we as readers of the first story know.  He has to figure it out for himself.  And, I can honestly say that Holt delivers a great "rest of the story" for Levi.

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