Wednesday, September 13, 2017

This Side of Home by Renee Watson

Maya and Nikki are identical twins who are identical in every way--well, not exactly.  They may look identical, but there thoughts and reactions to things are anything but identical.  When their best friend Essence moves away, they are both sad, but Nikki becomes fast friends with the girl who moves into Essence's old house.  In fact, Nikki is in favor of many of the things that are moving into their Portland neighborhood with the gentrification plans by the city including trendy restaurants and shops.  Maya wants things to stay the same because she feels like Nikki is forgetting her roots.

In this story, the characters deal with real issues and must figure out the best way to deal with people on both sides of the racial divide that they find in their school and neighborhood.

Watson does an amazing job of defining the characters and the elements of the story so that readers will have the opportunity to explore their own thoughts and feelings about what is happening in their world.  I highly recommend reading this one.

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