Monday, September 21, 2015

Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper

Out of my Mind     By: Sharon Draper
recommended by: Taylor H

Out of my Mind is about a girl named Melody with a big disadvantage. She was born with cerebral palsy. She can not do anything on her own, her parents have to help do everything for her. Like help her use the restroom, eat, and bathe but she can move her hands a little bit so she can point to letters on her wheelchair to talk. Melody is in the 8th grade and  in a special class for kids that have disabilities, but inside her head she is amazingly smart but doesn’t have any way of communicating it. Every morning she goes to her next door neighbors house and she takes her to school. Her neighbor Mrs. Valencia is a very important person in her life. One day Mrs. Valencia was on the computer and was looking at new wheelchairs for Melody. Melody saw a wheelchair that had a speaking device on it so she could talk through a computer hooked up to her wheelchair.  So Melody made the loudest noise she could to get Mrs. Valencia attention and it worked. The wheelchair came in the next week and everyone finally figured out how smart she was. She advanced to a higher 8th grade class where she was actually learning things. She got nominated to go out of state to compete in her classes science competition. Her and her class were all supposed to meet in the airport then go to the competition together, but once she got there they had all left. They all left because they didn’t think she would be good for them in the competition.

I loved this book because it was a true story and I loved that this was able to happen to Melody. This changed her life and this was probably the best thing that’s ever happened to her. She is able to speak everything that she knows and now she could be much more things when she gets older like a teacher or anything like that.

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