Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Summer of 2015

When May rolls around, I begin thinking about what my summer will hold.  Of course, I will be reading.  Hopefully, I will read some books that make me laugh, some that make me cry, some that make me think, and even more important, some that will make me feel.
I have liked to read for a long time, and it is hard for me to understand when people state that they do not like to read.  I do not like to exercise, and I am sure that some people may not understand my feelings about that subject.
This summer, I will read, and I will share my reading with as many people as I possibly can.  And, I will exercise--even though it is not my favorite.  I hope that people will join me in reading so that we will grow as a community.  If we do not explore new things, we risk being stagnant.
I am going to extend the challenge to read more than I do to all of my students, staff and parents.  I hope that students will accept the challenge and beat me.  Please, read more than I do.  Please, share with me what you read.  I really want to know so that my list may get longer and longer of books I want to read.

Happy reading!

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