Monday, May 18, 2015

Houston Rockets Non-reading school food drive post

Here is a post about our school food drive that is sponsored by the Ridgeview chapter of National Junior Honor Society.

The food drive committee decided that the theme should match up with the NBA championship.  They titled it The Final Can-offs.

We put the remaining 8 NBA teams in a bucket and teachers from the 4 academic teams randomly chose. This left 4 teams in the bucket.  My esteemed colleague and NJHS co-sponsor and I then chose--NOT randomly--our team.  We both love the Houston Rockets.  We were super excited that they were still in the bucket to be chosen.  We formed our team with staff members who do not have an advisory class.

When we chose our team name, the Rockets were down 3-1 in the series.  Things were not looking good for them.  Then, I watched as they won game 5 of that series.  Against some pretty strong odds (tough 3rd quarter), the Rockets came back and won game 6.  At that point, I put a box of 25 pounds of food together for our team.  Yesterday, the Rockets won game 7, and they are in the Final Four.

Some may call it a coincidence.  I choose to think that we have a connection with this great team. We want them to continue their winning streak and make it to the championship.  You are a great inspiration to us, and we hope that we are an inspiration to you as well.

Go Rockets!

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