Thursday, June 6, 2013

SR--Revenge of a Not So Pretty Girl by Carolita Blythe

Faye is a fourteen year old girl who believes that she is ugly on the outside and on the inside.  She begins hanging out with some bad girls who convince her that they should get revenge on all of the rich, pretty girls by stealing from them.  This starts her on a dark path that leads to stealing from an elderly woman and almost ended up in murder.  Faye cannot get rid of her guilt, so she visits the woman, Evelyn Rider, to see if she is okay.  When she discovers that Evelyn is not dead, she should feel like she is off the hook, but something still nags at her.
Meanwhile, Faye's father reveals that he is moving to Florida with his new love, and this news sends her mother into a rage.  Faye then feels as though home is not a great place, so she invents an excuse to spend time with Evelyn.  At first, Evelyn is resistant--imagine that, but over time these two develop a relationship that Faye has been missing.  As it turns out, Evelyn had been missing that relationship as well.
At first, I did not like this book AT ALL.  I did not like Faye at first because I just could not figure out why she thought that robbing an old woman was a good idea.  What really bugged me was that she rationalized her behavior.  Then, she grew on me.  The more time she spent with Evelyn--the more I grew to like her character.  Blythe did a great job of developing this relationship.  I had a great relationship with my grandmother, and in so many ways it has shaped me into the person that I am today.  I have to admit that I have a real soft spot for books that promote inter-generational relationships--especially when they are not blood related.  In so many ways, I believe that our society would be so much better if these two generations spent more time together listening to each other.  Both could learn from the other--just my two cents on the subject.

So...this is definitely a good read.  The book trailer above dramatizes the scene where Faye and her "friends" steal from Evelyn.

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