Tuesday, June 18, 2013

SR--Rebel Spirits by Lois Ruby

Sixteen year old Lori cannot believe that her parents have purchased a bed and breakfast and moving to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  What could possibly be fascinating about that place--Lori wonders.  Until she gets there...and finds that she has the gift to converse with the dead.  When they arrive, she notices a shadow in her bedroom window, and she sees it again in the screen when she is skyping with her brother.  Pretty soon, Nathaniel--a Civil War soldier--reveals his identity to her.  He also reveals that he needs her help in figuring out who murdered him in 1863.  How can Lori possibly figure out who committed this murder so long ago--if indeed it was a murder?  Find out in Rebel Spirits by Lois Ruby.
I love this type of book.  It has history--Civil War, no less.  It has a mystery with bad guys.  And, it does have romance as well.  Did I mention that Nathaniel is gorgeous?  Oh, and there is also a cute guy who works for her parents.  Which guy will she choose?  I know that sounds crazy because one is a ghost and one is living, but it works somehow.
This is definitely a GOOD read.cover_image

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