Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SR--Keeping the Castle by Patrice Kindl

Althea has the burden of maintaining her family's estate, specifically Crawley Castle, with little money.  In this time period, her only option is to find a rich husband.  Her options are slim until Lord Boring comes to stay with his aunt and uncle.  He is attractive, charming, and attentive.  However, his cousin and business manager accompanies him on all of his visits to see her.  Althea does not know what to do because she is not sure how she is going to win Lord Boring's heart with the bothersome Mr. Fredericks always in the way.  Of course, there are the two stepsisters who are interested in Lord Boring as well.
This short novel is reminiscent of Pride and Prejudice with simpler language.  It is my favorite kind of fiction--historical romance.  I saw how the story was going to end in the second chapter, but I still liked reading it.  If you like a sweet romantic book--give this one a try.

Definitely--a good read here.

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