Tuesday, June 18, 2013

SR--Bewitching by Alex Flinn

Kendra is an interesting witch who has been "helping" people for centuries.  She is now in the 21st century, and she has made friends with Emma just in time to help her with her new step-sister, Lisette.  Lisette seems like a perfectly nice girl, but looks can be deceiving which Emma soon finds out.  Kendra wants to help Emma, but she is afraid that her good intentions will not end up well.
This story begins with Kendra finding out that she is a witch when everyone in her family except for her little brother dies from the plague and she is untouched.  She knows something is odd when she prays particularly hard for her brother one night, and the next day he is miraculously cured.  Kendra realizes that she and her brother must run, so they do into the forest where they meet another witch who has a gingerbread house.  Hmmm...does that story sound familiar?  Hansel and Gretel, maybe??
Anyway, it would seem as though these stories are not related, but Flinn actually weaves them together well. She combines facets of fairy tales with bits of history from the Plague to the Titanic where Kendra was not successful with her magical attempts.  Kendra was the witch in Flinn's retelling of Beauty and the Beast in Beastly.  I loved it when I read it years ago--I'll post about it in a day or so.  She alludes to that story throughout the book as well.

This book took some time for me to get into.  I loved the story with Lisette and Emma, but some of the other parts dragged a bit for me.  Still, I enjoyed it.  And, it was a GOOD Read!
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